Tenant Placement

Tenant Management can be a particularly challenging and time-consuming aspect of property management. At NH CORE, we have the experience and systems to help reduce the time and expense:

Rigorous Credit, Income, and Criminal Screening – Placing the wrong tenant can be expensive, so we work to identify tenants who will pay rent on time and care for your property. Criminal and credit checks are conducted on every tenant over age 18.

Routine Inspections – We can inspect all the properties we manage on a regular basis both inside and out to assess the property’s condition and ensure tenant care and lease compliance. We also identify maintenance issues that can become costly if neglected.

Rent Collections – Nothing hurts cash flow more than late or missing rent payments, so we offer incentives for paying rent on time. Our collection processes are professional but tough, and we diligently collect your rent in a systematic, timely process.

Complete Eviction and Possession Services – Even with careful placement, you may find yourself evicting a tenant. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable in state and local landlord and tenant laws. When rents are not paid and collection efforts fail, we initiate legal steps quickly and work to minimize your costs.

After navigating the industry for 15 years, we know how complicated—and costly—managing property can be if not done carefully. Take back your evenings, weekends, holidays—and anything else you’ve given up to keep your properties occupied and in optimum condition. Experience the difference NHCORE can make.